Brooklyn, I AM (2015)

by The Satellite Year

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The title „Brooklyn, I AM“ does not express our love for a certain city, but rather a metaphor for the ups and downs of life. So it was very important for us to give this record a more rough and organic sound and lyrics. It took us two years to write these 12 songs. We are surprised by the result, as there is an enormous difference to our previous material.


released March 6, 2015

All Music and Lyrics by TSY



all rights reserved


The Satellite Year Saarbrücken, Germany

THE SATELLITE YEAR have always been one of those few bands that made it look stupefyingly easy to come up with catchy-as- hell songs time and time again.

With their second album release “Brooklyn, I AM” the five- piece from Saarland, Germany manages to attain a new level between Pop, Electro and Melodic Post Punk.

“Brooklyn, I AM” will be released March, 6th 2015.
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Track Name: That This Was Wrong
Did you ever know that this was wrong did you ever know that we’re quite sure if you leave we try and will restart everything was falling apart was confused to see and let my heart saying what it needs to say i believe we have to go our way all these pictures all these moments all this shit you told no more waiting no more begging no more promises been waiting day and night no sign no excuse at all you victimized yourself instead of listening to me did you ever know that this was wrong did you ever know that we’re quite sure if you leave we try and will restart.
Track Name: Early In December
Love is the hardest fight for the broken people no one by their side to save them from doing things they will regret when they’re 30 years old 40 years old you’ve shut my eyes you’ve let me down i had the hardest time with you once they lose control no one will stop them god save our souls when people fall in love they fall so deep so better catch me before you bleed when people fall they fall hard lose control and drift apart i shut my eyes i’m falling down lose my head i feel no ground you’ve shut my eyes you’ve let me down lose my head i’m falling down love is losing control gonna leave you alone this is the hardest thing the hardest thing we know.
Track Name: Brooklyn, I AM
Broken up they’re all the same this is where i never want to be i took off i just had enough leaving all behind just feeling free brooklyn where is where is where is your summer looking back i could never dream there was just the same you and me step-by-step working like machines this is how it always used to be how do you dance how do you sing how do you love when you’re alone this is a call for more how do you feel how do you think how do you let your heart decide this is a call for more all eyes shut so they cannot see the world around their vanity strike and hit i don’t wanna fit so take all your shit and let me be brooklyn brooklyn where is your summer my head is empty there’s nothing to give up and i feel like getting stuck my time is done here brooklyn where is your summer my heart is hungry i’ve waited long enough i’m ready to take off my days are numbered we’ve got to move on we will begin i’ll keep my heart i’ll fight within we’ve got to move on we will begin so let us start today.
Track Name: Tarantino: Part II
You are proud of you’re own nation though the credit is not yours you’re defending your own culture though you haven’t seen the world you are civilized and honest hating faggots women blacks you are the kind of people that makes the world suck so bad does it ever make a difference when your words are never making sense building up on every lie you want to make yourself believe does it ever make a difference when you’re talking just for self-defence better get another beer to wash down all your stupid talk you say you will fight for freedom freedom means your point of view your identity’s in danger just because some people do disagree with your opinion you just want to make the world a better place for freedom so what did you expect of me crossing with reality even though people grow they don’t know where else to go did they felt the penalties contradicting victories promises i never kept once been told now to forget.
Track Name: Hurricane / Welcome Home
As you fall you break in two never done it’s like you always do when a world keeps moving on without you who would not break in two when you’re sleeping you’re so far away dreaming of a better world today you’d do all the things that all the things that you always wanted hurricane you wish a hurricane would take you far away there’s a wall to keep you out from a home where no one cares about not a charge to break it up like a fool you want to scream and shout there’s a wall just to keep you out from a home where no one cares about when a world keeps moving on welcome home sounds like a goodbye it doesn’t matter how hard you try all these bricks and pieces make you cry though you grew up here you can’t deny welcome home sounds like a goodbye.
Track Name: No Clubs For This Town
When the sky when the sky keeps falling when your favourite rockband splits you’re dying for dying for when your friend when your friend is calling just to tell you that he has another girl another girl this is a hard time a hard time you have you say your life sucks your life sucks so bad when you hit when you hit the dance floor looking for another guy to love and hate love and hate when you got when you gotten so drunk when you found somebody worth you take him home take him home you’ll give him hard time a hard time in bed he’ll give you short time a short time instead my heart is under arrest again you lose control.
Track Name: Fireworks
Here you go again fist against a chin you show what you are made of what people will get when they cross with you you hate your parents hate the people wanna kill you want to make them cry make them cry and though you’re only thirteen years old you already know how people die people die what is it for kids setting up a war playing with fireworks fireworks for nothing and evermore you have to fight this world fight this world honest good and nice innocent and kind you’ve been as a kid your parents loved you nobody knew what went wrong with you inside your head a hell breaks lose you cannot quit you have to fight to live fight to live it doesn’t matter who is next unless you get through who will survive survive this night.
Track Name: In Vitro
You just started smoking like all your new friends you surround yourself with people who make you feel so strong you just got a piercing a tattoo on your neck but when i’m asking if there’s a meaning you just shake your head it’s not real just a fake you can’t see what it takes what it takes to be you just quit smoking like all your new friends you surround yourself with people who make you feel outstanding now you’re wearing glasses you cover up your neck don’t you have a tattoo i’m asking you just shake your head.
Track Name: A Satire Of What Is Wrong With The American Life
You live in your own house but no one cares what you think no one knows of your dreams just being together sounds like a joke but you don’t understand the punch line get up in the morning while the kids are sleeping coffee and breakfast to keep you working all day all night you know that it has to end so you should take the step by moving forward now get in your car while your head is aching you had no sleep you’ve been awake the whole night the whole night you know that it has to end so why don’t we forget we’re still together now so why not show how you care about them now so i’m just moving for the kids can you read my lips i’m just moving forward your boss is a jerk and you’re wife is cheating when you’re at home your kids are always crying crying late in the bar resting on the counter whiskey and beer are the final straw for your life for your life i just dream about your love but i don’t care at all though you know it’s not ok you can’t see any other way if you stop you have to end burning down what you began but i don’t care at all.
Track Name: This Is A Call
Walking through ruins of pastime no one remembers this is a call it will remind you where we will go through all is new no place for pastime lost in the attic no time at all looking behind you where we will go through setting up from a part where we won’t let go i am searching for words and i’ll let you know we will never forget all the sleepless nights this is all for you we catch up at least we try cause we are forced to this is a call it will remind you nobody’s waiting step by step things get dusty when you forget them when you forget them no time at all living tomorrow when you forget them when you forget them.
Track Name: Universe
Our hearts don’t feel the same but there’s no one to blame so i won’t go somehow we should carry on there’s nothing left to say but you want me to stay so i won’t go somehow we should carry on faster with the speed of light we’re losing our direction no plans nothing to achieve we’re aimless like a satellite do you want me to shut up no as long we’re staying silent we have no clue so better have the courage start to talk to me talk to you let it go i know there were many times we had something in common disagreements always stepped in but this is something different like a planet in a universe there is nothing that will throw us off the course there is nothing that will cause me to fall out with you for sure it’s not that easy it’s not that simple but it is worth the pain still i cannot stop to think i cannot go to sleep i feel attracted gravitated i turn back to you.
Track Name: Not A Relief, Not A Resort
I hate how they dress how they walk i hate how they look how they talk all this makes me tremble it makes me feeling sick all the people here around me thinking they’re so big cause this is breaking your heart breaking your heart ooooh ooooh not a relief not a resort we need to blow up up this place we’re starting over blow up up this place we’re starting over now step 1 don’t tell them who you are step 2 just show them what you’ve got step 3 then throw a smile at them step 4 it makes them cry within is it me or is it you falling falling burning down this place i’ll do falling falling.